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1982 solo album "Weighting For The Applecollapse" and 2003 single "Bubble"
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1982-1998 singer, songwriter & guitarist with The Cauldron
The Cauldron Live - Free download

1997-2003 singer, songwriter & guitarist with Particle Man
Mini-album Product#1 - Free download

2004-2008: singer, songwriter & guitarist with Piskies Revenge
Live album "An Evening Inn" - Free download
Studio album "Slam" - Free download if you register at piskiesrevenge.com

2005-2006: bassist & studio lead guitarist with The South Hams Boogie Band
We Are God And This Is Our World - Free download

2010-2015: guitarist with Shelley Smith
Demo tracks - Free download

2016-2019: bassist with Council of Giants
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Falling Down EP - Download £3.90 or more, CD £5 or more

All recordings produced by Steve Rogers except:
Weighting For The Applecollapse (Foster Pilkington), Slam (Space & Deep)

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